Tax Solution

Tax planning, whether personal company or trusts, remains a core competency. Savax Accounting is all about minimising tax payments and maximising after-tax returns. With an ever changing taxation environment and given the ever increasing complexities of income tax legislation in South Africa, plus the severe penalties imposed on those that fail to meet their tax obligations, tax compliance is a top priority – a critical business imperative that demands attention.  Our team is well-placed to assist with optimal planning, whether it is Income Tax, Provisional Tax, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Secondary Tax on Companies (STC), Donations Tax or Estate Duty.


VAT Planning

VAT Planning & Compliance. Finwiz Management Solutions can assist you with all of your compliance needs – including the ever increasing requirements to file returns on time, pay your liabilities promptly and avoid onerous interests and payments on PAYE, SDL, UIF, VAT, etc.

There are many opportunities with tax planning to reduce your tax liabilities. At Savax Accounting we spot opportunities and implement tax saving ideas; whether you are concerned with income or corporation taxes, VAT or PAYE, capital gain or inheritance taxes.


Payroll Admin

Outsourcing your company’s payroll enables you to streamline your business, allowing it to run more efficiently.  The payroll function has become increasingly complex owing to changes in tax legislation and other complex labour regulations.


Business Advisory

Running a business can be overwhelming, and in the managing of day-to-day activities, significant issues can be overlooked. Problems with management may arise through a lack of impartiality, time, knowledge, or expertise needed to identify and manage.


Secretarial Services

When starting or running a business, there are a myriad of legal rules and regulations to be observed and reviewed regularly. Non-compliance can have costly consequences through severe fines, penalties and, in some cases, even criminal prosecution


Effective routine administration

Effective routine administration is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built and its importance cannot be ignored.  However, it can be extremely tedious and time-consuming for many organisations to carry out this task internally.

We offer a comprehensive range of bookkeeping and accounting services that can ultimately facilitate the growth of your company and assist our clients in achieving their business objectives, managing their risk and improving their business performance.

We offer absolute adherence to stringent levels of service and compliance to regulations.


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