How To Keep Records for Tax Purposes

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How To Keep Records for Tax Purposes All businesses need to pay tax to SARS (South African Revenue Services) which can amount to a lot of money. Most businesses’ tax years’ end on the [...]

What to expect from your professional accountant (Part 1)

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What to expect from your professional accountant (Part 1) If your accountant is nervous, stumbling or hesitant to provide you with feedback or information, how on earth would you be able to trust them [...]

Accounting Principles and Guidelines

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What are the Accounting Principles and Guidelines? Generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP as they are more commonly known, are rules for the preparation of financial statements. Every publicly traded company must release [...]

Questions to ask yourself before starting a company

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Are you thinking of starting a company? There are a range of factors that you will want to consider. Starting a company isn't a simple task, and jumping in without doing the necessary research is never a [...]

What is a SHAM Trust?

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The SHAM Trust In today’s fast paced life, it is easy to forget to thoroughly plan ahead for unlikely and unforeseen situations. The same goes for marriage, divorce and the accompanying trusts established by [...]


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